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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Since ancient times, humans have desired to create something just like themselves. We find countless examples of creations that look and act similar to humans in legends and other creative work.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the term given to a human made ability to handle knowledge. Specifically, it is an artificially designed (or human-made) system which is able to understand a problem of a given subject and execute a solution. From the perspective of computer science, the creation of an A.I. is analogous to creating a computer that can handle tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. This involves not only solving complicated calculations which are very difficult for humans yet simple for computers, but also completing tasks that humans find trivial, such as recognizing faces or voices, which become very complicated matters for computers to handle. The field of A.I. research deals with such complicated and sophisticated matters as the process of inference and difficult subjects which are thought to require knowledge.

As implied from the above statement, artificial intelligence relates to many fields of study. Upon closer examination, it is apparent that the field we call computer science itself overlaps with the field of A.I.. For example, research on image processing could be useful to mimic or replicate human vision or the various algorithms created in the field of optimization may offer solutions to a wide range of problems. Of course, the field of A.I. studies also has deep ties to other fields of study such as psychology, philosophy, logic, linguistics and neuropsychology. So while the term computer science may not exactly match the A.I. field, it could still be considered a comprehensive keyword.

Research Activities > What is Artificial Intelligence?

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