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  • 2011年8月10日 7:09 PM

We have witnessed a global development of the Internet and sensor networks involving wireless and satellites technology in earth scale in a few decades, which is comparable to the nervous system of Humans and Earth. In an attempt to frame the immune system of Humans and Earth, we encounter with asymmetric interactions from Humans to Earth (Environmental problems such as global warming, climate change, and pollution) and Earth to Humans (Natural Disasters such as Earthquake and Tsunami). The IMBS-Global’11 will focus on new tools and methodologies for environmental monitoring to protect the environment as well as earth and human monitoring to minimize the effects of natural disaster and organize a recovery from the disasters. A new paradigm and perspective for a reconciliation of humans and nature learned from the immune system such as diversity oriented approach and implementing a tolerance are also examples of agenda.

The IMBS-Global’11 special session invites papers on the topic including, but are not limited to, the following areas of interest:

  • Systems Sciences for Robust and Adaptive Engineering
  • System Sensing such as Cloud Sensing, GeoMedia and Gaming Approach
  • Disaster Reduction and Risk Management
  • Matching Management for Reconstruction Assistance
  • Global Monitoring of Environment and Human
  • Augmented and Extended Agent Simulations
  • Robustness Oriented Theories and Tools for Disaster Situation
  • Diversity Oriented Approach

MEDES2011~Call for Papers > Introduction

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